Resigning Isn’t Stepping Down. It’s Standing Up.

I’m adding Ms. Doran to my newest list of heroes.

“The event in question, which had been planned for June 4, is Drag Queen Story Hour, a national program begun in 2015 in which drag queens read stories to children and their families in libraries, schools and bookstores. The Pride Month presentation, Doran wrote in her statement to the board, is “a culturally inclusive, accessible, diversity-celebrating program for families that aligns with our mission as a library to serve the (diversity, equity and inclusion) and literacy needs of our community.”

Doran also wrote that there “is no precedent for library employees to seek prior approval for programs at the library. The trustees hire the library director and charge the library staff with putting on programs.” She also noted that the program fits within the mission and strategic goals of of the library that were discussed by the public at two visioning workshops last fall.”


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