Comedy for Teachers: Humor, Stress, and Surviving Sunday Nights

I teach improv skills and related comedy kills to teachers at reasonable rates. I have been trained in comedy writing, improv, and stand-up. In addition to being a featured performer at open mics and release parties, in 2019, I was invited to perform at Connecticut’s Got Talent. Since then, I have researched and written about humor and it’s effect on depression and work-related stress. My work as a writer has won awards at the local and national levels, and I also work as a ghost-writer for for those who seek publication of their work.

As a teacher of over twenty years, I was one of those of educators who awoke in the morning with chest pains, dreading the stress that had become the defining characteristic of a once joyful teaching career. Humor saved my life, and I have discovered how it can be used to cope with stress and restore a sense of well-being.

My team of fellow comedians and I can give you the tools to cope with the stress that the demands of teaching can create in your life.

Summer Sundays: Free

Start the school year with some levity and the well-being that comes with authentic connections formed through humor. Our weekly sessions in improv and other comedy related exercises are facilitated by educators and comedians trained in improv and comedy writing.

To receive the link, send an email with the subject heading “Summer Sundays.”

We look forward to working with you and helping your year get off to a positive start.