Her Feet Hurt: Blurbs from My Fiction Writing

From three years, Sr. Louisa listened to the science teacher at St Francis’ break her vow of silence to complain about Sr. Sharon, the teacher who worked in the next room over. Sr. Cyril was getting ready to leave the convent to marry and start a family, but first there was some shade to throw. Her future husband did not like Sr. Sharon and told frequently of how he walked by Sharon’s room to note that she was never teaching; she simply sat at her desk and worked while the students read. On a rare sick day, while resting in the dormitory, Louisa received a visit from Cyril who shared in great detail how Sharon was caught swearing in front of her class, and left a meeting with Mother Superior in tears.

That science teacher was no princess. When she got drunk after communion one day and told the entire congregation who she couldn’t stand, because she was “such a phony.” She is the head of another Catholic school congregation today. Like burnt popcorn, this kind of thing leaves a stale taste on one’s mouth.