Please do not come here looking for perfection. You won’t find it.

I am the sole owner of this company. The lessons I sell are based on what I know worked with my students. They are imperfect, because I am imperfect. I am one person, and I cannot compete with the perfection of a company that has editors, assistants, proofreaders, etc.

I could sell my lessons to other companies devoted to prepared lesson plans, but I wanted to share my philosophy of why I do what I do, which, as you probably know by now, is all about returning choice to teachers and students.

I don’t have a 1-800 number either, but you do have my phone number: 860-670-3814, and if you leave me a voice mail, I will call you back, and if you leave me a text, I will respond, and if you send me an email, I will reply.