I know you don’t have any subs in your building, but these lessons would be perfect if you did.

Assessments are informal, yet the lessons are connected to standards, complemented by activities of high engagement. These lessons are perfect for sub plans, for times when you need to address a specific standard without disrupting planned units of study, or when you need a last-minute lesson.

Twilight Zone Learning: Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?

This lesson involves prediction with support from the story. The lesson supports the following standards: RL 7.6, RL 8.3, RL 8.6, RL 9.3-10.3 It is a highly engaging lesson with a “double twist” ending.



The Twilight Zone: People are Alike All Over

A perfect surprise ending in an otherwise benevolent tale. The lesson addresses standards RL 6.3, 6.4, 7.3, 7.4, 8.3, 8.4, 8.6.


The Twilight Zone: The Obsolete Man

The Obsolete Man addresses contemporary issues through a series of short lessons that support reading and writing skills. The following skills are addressed. RL 6.4, 6.6, 7.4, 7.6, 8.4, 8.6, 9.4, 10.4 ELA W 6.3, 7.3, 8.3, 9.3, 10.3