Our mission statement. Please read this before ordering any lessons. (I’m finally getting enough sleep, so your patience is appreciated.)

Teachers know what their students need and how their students learn.

As the owner of CTM Lesson Design, I started this company to support teachers and students.

Having taught middle school for twenty years, I knew what resources were engaging and effective. Complementary to my background in film and television, that insight led to the formation of this company. I provide lessons that allow you to show your administration, coaches, and colleagues that effective instruction comes in all forms, and with different types of text: print, film, and even television. I fought to teach with these resources, because I knew they reached students, and more importantly, allowed them to connect to higher order thinking and critical concepts.

CTM Lesson Design is a small company. That means our attention to you is personalized and informal. Our lessons are the same: they reflect our personal approach to teaching.

An important note about ordering lessons. When you order a lesson, I receive notification of your order and payment. I share the lesson with you as a PDF. Then I follow up with an email stating which materials were shared. Payment does not generate an automatic download as it does with some other sites. My business operates on a smaller scale, so things happen a bit differently. I could invest more money in a website that would allow me to provide automatic downloads, or I can maintain a site that allows me to share lessons at a low cost. There has never been a payment that was not followed with sharing of the materials ordered, but if you have doubts, then call me or text me, and I will stay on the phone with you as your lesson is delivered. (860) 670-3814. Please know that as the owner of CTM Lesson Design, I am responsible for guaranteeing that anything you order is delivered. Typically, this takes place within fifteen minutes, but it might take longer if there is an increased demand for lessons, if I am teaching when you place your order, or if I am say…sleeping. It is suggested that you not order lessons on the day you are scheduled to present them. Although my business is a small one, it is still designed to deliver quality lessons at a good price. That’s what I do.

Thank you for considering our resources. We set up an email address for this company, but if you really want to reach us, in accordance with our personal style, send us an email or a text. bcwriter16@gmail.com or 860-670-3814. Thank you for supporting my mission of delivering meaningful lessons to teachers and students.