Yes, I still teach. Read the feedback I have gotten so far.

My background is in middle school, but I am not a fan of prepackaged teaching materials that fail to recognize the individual needs of students. If you are part of a homeschooling arrangement, a co-op, or a microschool, I am thrilled to work with you. Reach out for scheduling.

Ms. Commins is the best!! She has been able to help turn my student’s hesitation to thriving. She is so kind and patient. My kiddo loves classes with her and I am so glad we found her!
Thank you so much for your help! We will be scheduling future sessions 
Highly recommended! Ms. Commins is reassuring, professional, and truly "friendly and supportive" as described. Do not hesitate to book with her for any session she offers. Your child will thank you... Mine does every week!
Wonderful! My daughter absolutely loved her; she explained thing in a fun positive way! Highly recommend
Ms. Commins is hands down the best!
Ms. Commins is such a kind and encouraging professional educator. She has made such a positive difference in my child's confidence in his math skills. He is making more measurable... Show More...
A very patient and understanding teacher. My son has learning anxieties and she was very accommodating and sweet to him.
Great teacher! My child said he loved the lesson.
She really worked with my daughter on what she needed! Thank you!!
I was happy to be able to forward off specific homework questions my son was having difficulty with. Ms. Commins was prepared and helped him understand the questions easily.
My child loves working with this teacher, as she meets the youth where they are at. Any child who needs extra help, could benefit from this teacher!
A great teacher that helped my 7th grade daughter understand some difficult math problems.
Another wonderful session. ...looks forward to meeting with you. Thank you
....adores you and looks forward to your sessions. Thank you so much for always being so patient with her because lord knows I’m not there yet 😂😂